Hershey and linux


Summary: Feeding time is in the morning.  That can range anywhere from 6 AM on a weekday to later on a weekend (roughly dependent on Hershey's bathroom schedule.


Hershey is on diet dog food. I keep this in the cupboard and he gets roughly 2 cups/ day in the morning + wet food.
Hershey's dog food
Here is the wet food again, Hershey usually gets 1-2 tablespoons or just a bigger scoop than the kitty.  Again it's not enough to feed him, just give him a taste of good.
Wet dog food and treats


1) The Kitty's food is in the big bin.  She typically gets 1 scoop of this in her dish.  If you feed her first it will stop her from making so much noise :-).
Linux's Food
2) Here is the wet food, the "Beneful" container.  It normally gets stored in the fridge however there should be lots in this bin.

The kitty usually gets a small scoop on top of her food.  It's not really enough to eat and is just a taste.
Wet food and Treats

Exercise and Bathroom


Hershey gets out to go to the bathroom roughly 3 times a day.  It's pretty open when you take him out but I like to ensure the intervals are in the range of 8h, although he can go 10h in a pinch.  If I want to sleep in I will typically take him out really late at night and that usually keeps him until later in the day.

He LOVES to chase the ball, I find that he will chase it until he is either exhausted or in some cases even limping.  So I try to limit it to 30 minute sessions, or if he is swimming instead of running after the ball I let him go a bit longer as it's easier on his joints.

Normally I just take him for a walk over to the school and let him off leash as he doesn't go #2 on leash often, or if he does it takes awhile.  Once he is offleash he usually goes within the first 5-10 minutes, or 2 throws of the ball.

If you are thinking of going on an adventure there are a lot of dog parks in the area.  Confederation Park and New Brighton are probably two of the closest parks below.

New Brighton Burnaby Off-Leash Locations
Burnaby Off-Leash Main Page
Vancouver Off-Leash Locations
Confederation Park
Confederation Park

Barnette Marine Park

Spanish Banks


Linux doesn't usually get a lot of exercise or outdoor time.  If it's a warm day though I leave the door open and she finds her way on the roof or over to play with Charlie.  That seems to keep her quite happy :-).